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i love this picture so much ♡

i love this picture so much 



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Justin Bieber - Can't live without you - New song





i reblogged this so i could listen to it whenever i want <3

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i would love to visit; anywhere in america but also London, Bulgaria& Sweden & Italy ;D

One Shot - U smile , I smile ♡

This is my first one shot here on tumblr, this might suck a bit because i wrote it really fast. I’m sorry(: But anyways, i hope you guys like it! 

Belinda’s POV

I kept walking till i came to the huge door in front of me.
I hesitated while i kept my hand on the door knob.

'this is it' i told myself 'finally i'll meet justin drew bieber'

I know i’m not ready to meet any guy right now, especially after what happened with me yesterday. i sighed deeply as i grabbed all my strength together and opened the door without a second thought.

the queue was huge, i’ve never seen so much people waiting in line to meet someone.
But i could of have expected it anyway because they’re all waiting for only one special person, ‘Justin Drew Bieber’ . I’ bite my lower lip in anticipation and tapped my foot impatiently against the floor as the queue slowly started to fade away.

After an hour or so, it was my turn, i was lucky because there were still lots of people behind me waiting, so i wasn’t really the last one who would have to wait hours to meet him.

"Hi" i squeaked out, My voice sounded like i was choking, but i felt like that anyway.

"Hi" while i met the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. A pair of mysteriously chocolate light tinted- brown  eyes bored into mine as my heart beat raised faster than ever. I needed to look to somewhere else , everywhere except for his eyes so i concentrated on the bad painted wall behind him

"Are you okay?" Justin said while standing up from his chair. He tried to pull my attention to him again

"yes, i’m fine" i said and i looked up again to those gorgeous sparkle eyes while a tiny beautiful smile appeared on his face but it faded away as soon as i locked my eyes on him again.

"why are your eyes so puffy" unexpectingly, he reached for my face and brushed a finger underneath my eyes, exactly over my bags.

"i.." i hesitated a minute and tried to stay calm and surely not to cry again "Ive been crying"

"why? such a beautiful girl as you shouldn’t been crying" he dropped the hand back to his side again and let go of my face.

"It’s kind of personal" i looked behind me while hundreds of girls looked curiously and most of all impatiently at me

"Oh i get it" Justin said and he sounded a bit disappointed in a way.


"oh, uhm yea here you go" justin said awkwardly as he reached an autograph for me

"thank you"

"your welcome"

I walked out of the building and set down on a bench as I looked up on my phone again as I sighed. ‘Not again’ i sighed annoyingly as i pressed the ‘ignore button’ again for the millionth time.
I leaned my head against the cold stone wall and closed my eyes as tears crossed my cheek again. 
"This needs to stop" i whispered to myself as i drifted away in unconscious.

"Hey, hey wake up" Someone shook me hard on my arm and touched my cheek, i flashed rapidly with my eye lashes. I tried to vanish that blurry sight.
"Are you really sure you’re okay, beautiful?"

My sight came sharp again as I saw those gorgeous eyes look down to me.
Shockingly i jumped up from the bench as i brushed away the tears which were still slipping down my cheeks.

"yea, thanks anyways, justin" shit, my voice still sounded shaky.

"I don’t believe you" he came closer and pulled me into a hug.

Chills crossed over my whole body as he whispered into my ear; “Tell me, what’s your name?”


"That’s a really sweet name for a really cute girl" he smiled wide at me as he reached his hand again to wipe away my last few tears

"now tell me"



"Okay then" i took my time to explain him, slowly.

"My ex-boyfriend cheated on me yesterday, right in front of my eyes.. He.. He.. " i looked up and i knew the tears are building up again in my eyes. I tried my best to blink them again

"He what?" Justin asked, he gave me time while he hugged me again.

"He had sex with another girl, right in front of my eyes and now he won’t stop calling me, i don’t know what to do" as soon as i said that, my cell phone went off again.

"Let me" Justin pulled back from the hug and reached out a hand. "Give me your phone" 

Justin took my phone “Hello? well listen here dude, you’re going to leave her alone okay? .. what? No she’s NOT your girlfriend anymore, you don’t deserve her at all, you cheating lying bastard. just leave her alone, stop calling” with that justin hang up the phone.

he putted one finger underneath my chin and made me look up at him as he came closer

"Listen belinda, don’t blame yourself, you’re beautiful and he doesn’t deserve anyone one like you, believe me."

"How can you know, Justin, you don’t even know me" 

" I know it by just the look in your eyes, Belinda, you’re special"

He dropped his hand again as he put one hand on my hip and pulled me closer in a cute teddy bear hug. Slowly he whispered something again in my ear;

"Whenever You Smile, I smile" as he brushed slowly through my hair.

Written by BieberWriting. 

- This is pure fan-fictional, non of this is a true story and it’s totally made up. -

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